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PORT is a curated musician discovery platform with artist bios and a full Spotify listening experience. Keep up with your favorite artists and discover new ones now! 


What is PORT?

PORT is an all-in-one content driven platform that revolutionizes the way artists and fans engage.

Discover New Music

Finding new artists has never been this fun. PORT's discovery engine provides curated suggestions based on your listening preferences. Sync your Spotify account to take music discovery to the next level.

Full Artist Bios and Event Calendars

Learn about your new favorite artists and never miss another show! PORT's comprehensive artist bios, similar artist recommendations and full event calendar takes your music discovery to the next level.

Seamless Spotify Integration

PORT's Spotify Premium integration gives fans curated artist recommendations, playlist management, and the ability to listen to new artists before following them on Spotify and PORT. Download the ultimate Spotify companion now!

Manage Followed Artists in One Place

Artists you follow on PORT will automatically be followed on Spotify. Manage all of your followed artists from the "My Artist" tab for a seamless listening experience.

Cut through the noise with PORT!

Discovering your next favorite artist has never been this easy. Unlike those other platforms, PORT does the heavy lifting to help you find artists we know you’ll love. What are you waiting for? Download PORT now!

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